Yahoo Format For Dating – How To Detect a 419 Scam

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Yahoo Format For Dating – Yahoo Boys Bills Use To Bill Client

Yahoo Format For Dating – If you want to know real yahoo format for dating that would help you avoid been scammed by 419, then you should know this dating billing format, also known as the dating format 419.

Yahoo Format For Dating


Before reading Note below

N/B is not in any way supporting Yahoo Yahoo(419 Scam) so please this post is just to help you avoid been scammed from all these yahoo boys online, in case you come across any of them.

Dating Format for Man

When using the dating format for man to scam a woman, there are several things you should consider. Most of us don’t pay attention to these simple things that can expose you as a G-boy. In my own case, I used the dating format for man as my own dating billing format.

Since she was an old woman, she was looking for a young man that would be able to love her and take care of her. So I told her that my age is 55years, and she herself was 53years. You can see that I am older than her, and she can easily trust me to marry her.

I asked her about the following things that will make me know how to scam her;

  • What she liked in a man
  • Her dream vacation country
  • Her wishes
  • Things she would love to accomplish if she had the chance.

All of these were things I asked her, just to make sure I know the kind of person she is and the things she likes. She told me that she would want to visit Japan in her lifetime, that was why I told her that my business was taking me to Japan.

Steps to Use the Dating Format for Man to Woman

Choose an Elderly Man that Wants to Get Married

The reason is that she wants to see you as matured and elderly. Even when you ask her for money, she won’t think that you want to waste it on nonsense. Always find a man of 55years or above; and make sure you target women of 50years and above.

They don’t always have the time to start verifying on the internet. Most of them are working, so they have access to money than the young ones that don’t have money.

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Use Secret War Agent, Not Soldier

The Soldier stuff don cast, so don’t use soldier again. Tell the woman that you are working as a secret war agent in Syria or Lybia. You don’t have enough chance for pictures and Videos. She will surely understand the situation because she is matured.

Don’t ask for money till after 3 months

If you are using the dating format for man to woman, make sure you don’t bill your client till like after 3 months. Don’t worry about using the dating billing format until that time – if not, e go cast.

Don’t Always be Available Online

Imagine telling your client that you are a soldier, but she always sees you online every day; do you think she will believe you?

If you are using Whatsapp, always remove your last seen and online status; it will make her believe that you are always busy. This is another powerful way to use the dating billing format for your clients.

Bill Her with “Help me Come Back Message”

This is where you can now use the dating format for Yahoo to finally bill your client. Tell her that you want to see her, but they won’t allow you to come back unless you bribe the commander.

If she asks you “why you don’t have money?”

Tell her that you always give your money to Charity and that payday is actually far from now and you can’t wait. Inform her that they are attacking you guys badly and you need to move away from that location.

Tell her that your life is in danger if you continue staying there – due to intense fire from the enemy.

Then you enjoy your money once she sends the cash!

How I Approached Her

I always target women around 45 – 60 years because I know that they won’t have the time for long interrogation and all. I sent her a personal message introducing myself and my profession. She loved the fact that I am a soldier helping my country to fight. I used the name, Wayne Jackson.

Then I moved her to Google Hangout

Most times when some of these dating sites discover that you are trying to scam a client, they will block you immediately. When this happens, you will lose your client and everything you have worked for.

One of the ways to stop this thing is to ask your clients to come over to Google Hangout. Chatting with your client on Google Hangout is very straight and simple.

I made sure that the name on my Google hangout is the same name as “Wayne Jackson” I used on my profile on Myspace.

I also made sure that the email picture I used was also the same thing. This is to erase any form of suspicion that would make her not to believe me.

With this hangout, I was able to keep communication with her, without the fear of getting banned from any website at all.

We started chatting

After a couple of emails, we became so close and attached to each other. I told her I was a widower and I lost my wife in an accident. I told her that I registered here after my sister advised me to find love once again.

After one month, I started asking her for money. My reason was that my account was hacked and used for fraud.

She asked me why I couldn’t go to the US and sort it out, I told her that I couldn’t leave camp due to heavy fighting in our base during the day.

I already prepared some FAKE bank statements which I showed her to make it legit. It doesn’t take much to do, you just have to be creative.

She finally sent me $500, which I cashed out via Western Union.

I introduced another dating billing format to make her send money again.

My Next Billing Dating Format for Yahoo

After some weeks, I told her that I was ready to leave the army because my closet friend just died on the war front. I alerted her that I have made plans to set up an auto shop, and I would want us to own it together.

“I asked her to invest in the business”

After some months of explaining my business plans to her; by 2015 January, I told her that I have moved to Japan to finalize my business with other investors. I explained that I’d already made part payments and needed to finalize payments or else they seize my goods.

“I wanted $10,000 to complete payment”

With no idea how she got the money, she sent me the money after two weeks and I cashed out via western union again.

Whatever happened, but she never came online again on that platform to date.

We never spoke on the phone but I made over $10,500 from her.

Steps to starting your own Yahoo Format For Dating

Create a wonderful profile

I suggest you use the picture of a soldier if you want to succeed with the dating billing format. Soldiers don’t have so much access to many things, so nobody will ask you for a video call or phone call.

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If they do, just tell them that your commanding officer would give you some mean punishments for breaking camp rules.

Use a VPN

The VPN will enable you to enter any site undetected. Most of these sites don’t accept countries outside of the US. So if you are reading from outside of the US, then be sure to use a very good VPN. I suggest you use Tunnel Bear or Anonymous. You can just add it as an add-on to your Chrome or Firefox browser.

Use the Grammarly App

If your English is pretty poor, then you should try and download the Grammarly app. It will help you get rid of errors in your English grammar. Remember that while exchanging Emails with your potential clients, don’t use shortcodes in your typos.

E.g. Typing “ur” instead of “Your” will simply blow your cover away.

The dating billing format is one of the yahoo formats that works very fine. I would also advise that you always be in charge of the conversation when discussing with your clients. This would enable this yahoo format to work.

Other Yahoo Format For Dating

The dating billing format is the best billing format for Yahoo, but there are others you can use when the dating billing format isn’t working. I will list out some of the billing formats for yahoo that I use to make sure that none of my clients escape from my hand. They billing formats for Yahoo include; (Click to read any of them)

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Now that you have known Yahoo Format For Dating, I will now update you with a list of other billing formats that will help you collect money from your client.

N/B is not in any way supporting Yahoo Yahoo(419 Scam) so please this post is just to help you avoid been scammed from all these yahoo boys online, in case you come across any of them.

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