Traveller killed along Manju-Jos road by unknown gunmen

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A man identified as Sagir Muhammad aka Zamani was allegedly waylaid and killed by unknown assailants along Manju-Jos road in Plateau State.

According to reports, he was on his way to Jos from Mangu. The killers went away with the body.

“He was killed along Mangu – Jos road coming back from his weekly business at Pankshin market which happened to be every weekend. He was attacked by the untouchable people of Plateau State, and went away with his corpse after they killed him.” Senator Auwal Mashall wrote on Facebook today.

“The worsen part of the Scenario is Plateau State Government couldn’t say a word about this untouchable killers, his families and friends are crying everyday just to see their son corpse to bury him like every other Muslim is been buried.
Plateau State Government are not taking action to handle those criminals and tribalistic people, who are killing innocent travelers along the axis of Riyom, Pankshin and Mangu of Plateau State, it was really touching and disturbing.” He added.

Unknown gunmen kill traveller along Manju-Jos road

Unknown gunmen kill traveller along Manju-Jos roadUnknown gunmen kill traveller along Manju-Jos road

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