2019 Election: How to overcome political apathy and vote

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2019 Election: How to overcome political apathy and vote

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Hello guys the 2019 general election is fast approaching, but I know most Nigerian don’t believe in voting again due to some reason which will be discuss in this write up.

Things we will discuss here

What is Political Apathy

Causes of Political Apathy

How to Overcome Political Apathy

Reason You Should Overcome Political Apathy

What is Political Apathy?

Political Apathy in a layman understanding is the lack of interest in any political activities of his/her society. But According to Wikipedia Political apathy is a feeling of disinterest in the sense of politics or apathy towards politics. It can consist of interest apathy, voter apathy, and information apathy. It can be categorized as the indifference of an individual and a lack of interest in participating in political activities.

So now we know what political apathy is, but for someone to have disinterest for something he/she must have causes of the disinterest towards it. So this take us to another heading which is the cause of political apathy.

What Causes of Political Apathy?

  1. Lack of Trust in Electoral Bodies: Especially Nigerian, we mostly believe any government body is corrupt so we don’t even trust they people that carry out the election itself, so due to that most people believe the vote don’t actually count..
  2. Recycling Old Thief: Most Nigerian are tired of seeing same people recycling their self in office without coaching other younger credible Nigerian to take over, which get Nigerian tired of the same faces with recycled lies.
  3. Violence In Voting Center: Some people will rather stay at home and allow any leader to be voted than go to polling unit when you know your life is at stake, which give chance to non- credible candidate leaders to be elected.
  4. Hatred For Politician: Most Nigerian have great dislike for politician because most citizens see them as thieve, thugs and also belive the don’t have the interest of the citizen at heart.

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There are many causes which could have still be listed but we don’t want long talk, we just want you to participate in the coming general election. So we are going to the next step which is how to overcome political apathy.

How to overcome political apathy

Ask yourself this few question like ”Why?”. Why should I vote? Why should I care? It’s Sunday man, I’m resting or going to the mall. Why would I go and vote? Usually, all the answers are political, sociological, or just something boring along either of those lines. They’re not really working. It’s time we try something new.

Here are the following ways to overcome political apathy

  1. Try and participate in the coming election
  2. By knowing and defending your right
  3. Try joining political party of your choice

Reason you should overcome political apathy

  1. It is your right to vote
  2. Say no to yeye(Bad) Leaders
  3. Vote in good road
  4. Vote for your child

Many people will think that since he/she is not involve in political activities there’s no side effect but we have side effect to almost everything so below is the effect of political apathy.

Effect of Political Apathy

  1. It leads to thugs and selfish politician becoming leaders.
  2. leads to lack of communication between the government and the citizens
  3. It will lead to denial of political information and education
  4.  The government will behave anyhow since people are not interested in their activities.

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