Registration Guide: How to Register and Make Up to ₦20,000 Daily

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Are you looking for a legit Nairaref registration guide? Then you’re in the right post. we will show you How to Register and Make Up to ₦20,000 Daily on
Nairaref is an amazing system which can bring you monthly passive income from the comfort of your home. Stop earning cents by doing thousands of clicks, with this system you can get UNLIMITED income without spending time doing fake offers, clicks or other stuff like this.


This system is simple, all you have to do is to join, to choose your membership (we have 3 different memberships, at 3 different prices) then start inviting people. Every time when somebody joins under your affiliate URL and choose his membership, you get paid (how much, it depends on your membership and also, on which membership your referral choosed). Besides that, you can promote your website by adding banner ads. Your banner will be randomly displayed on our website and you get traffic for your website.

After registration you have to choose a membership before starting using their system. Because of that, 2 questions may appear in your mind and you can find the answers for both questions bellow.

Why should I choose a membership?

This is the way this system works, after you choose a membership, you’ll be able to invite referrals and they will also need to choose a membership. When they do that, you earn commission from money spent by your referrals on membership. Besides that, you will be able to add a certain amount of banner ads which will randomly appear on our website and will promote your desired website.

How do I earn money, if I have to pay for membership?

This system was created in such way to bring you monthly income without actually doing nothing else than inviting friends. Let’s say you choose Basic Membership, you have to pay $1000 monthly, but if you invite 10 members who subscribe to the same membership, every user will bring you $600.00 monthly (every time when his membership is renewed). So let’s do a simple math: 10 x $600.00 = $6,000.00
After your pay your membership tax which is $1000, you earn $5,000.00 monthly by doing… nothing!

This is a an example with our cheapest membership package and with just 10 active referrals, but think what you can do with a better membership package and with more referrals. You can get passive monthly income without hard work, all you have to do is to invite members and explain them this amazing system.


You will receive commissions every time when any of your referrals are choosing a membership (or the existing one is renewed) and default status of your commission will be Pending which means that your commission is not available for withdrawal yet. Your have to wait a certain amount of days (based on your membership) until commission is marked as Paid and funds are released in your account balance. This waiting time is required for security reasons (in case of chargeback, fake payments, etc.)
Also, if any of your referrals open a dispute or Payeer reverse a payment from which you’ve got a commission, your commission will be canceled (and deducted from your account if it was already received).

Payments are sent in 7 days after you send your payout request and we send them by Payeer, which means you need a valid Payeer account to be able to receive your payments (and of course, to be able to purchase your membership).

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