Most Famous Volleyball Players In The World

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Most Famous Volleyball Players In The World

Famous Volleyball Players – Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It has been notorious for a long time for causing harmful injuries to its players. Nevertheless, volleyball is an extremely fun sport and it is frequently played on beach holidays and parties.

Famous Volleyball Players

Famous Volleyball Players

This article will give a list of the top 10 volleyball players. The players in this list are international volleyball champions, which mean that they have sustained a whole lot of injuries throughout their career and have emerged stronger than ever.

A list of famous volleyball players

1. Ricardo Lucarelli

The 26-year-old is presently Brazil’s best outside hitter since the last Olympic cycle (2013-2016) had started. He has already 2 World League silver medals under his belt, also a silver medal from the 2014 World Championship, and a gold medal from the 2013 Grand Champions Cup.

No matter the age, his role remains the same but with more hopes from Brazilian fans as he continues to improve his game. This one right here is one of the amazing Volleyball Players 2019.

2. Gavin Schmitt

Canada’s scoring machine had a stunning club season in Turkey, he led his team Arkas to win the Turkish League. Gavin was named as the MVP, Best Spiker, Best Scorer, and Best Server. Canada’s odds of qualifying for the 2015 World Cup depended strongly on Gavin.

3. Earvin N’Gapeth

France’s best player at the 2014 World Championship is definitely the point of conversation of the town with several videos of him amiably entertaining fans with some out of this world volleyball moves.

There can be no doubt whatsoever that N’Gapeth has matured as a player with his bad boy days well behind him. Will he continue to excel? We can only hope so.

4. Saeid Marouf

The 2014 ‘My Volleywood Idol’ made righteous headlines this season when he had played in the Italian League with Emma Villas Siena.

Besides, Marouf is the first Iranian player to have ever won the Russian League, Russian Cup and also the prestigious CEV Champions League. As for the upcoming season, Iran will heavily depend on his experience and the setting skills he is known for.

5. Facundo Conte

With Coach Velasco reportedly swapping Conte from outside hitter to being an opposite hitter is the actual reason why Conte is on the list. We wonder how he’d perform as a right side attacker & how Coach Velasco will integrate Conte’s all-around talent in his system for offense and defense.

6. Max Holt

Holt aka Thunder Holt in Volleywood is undoubtedly one of the best middle blockers in the world right now. His pairing up together with 2008 Olympic Champion David Lee gives Team USA the opportunity to be among the top favorites to have won the World League & World Cup.

In case you didn’t know, Max had also won the CEV Cup with Zaytsev and Dinamo Moscow one season.

7. Ivan Zaytsev

Italy’s best volleyball player and best scorer suffered an unfortunate injury during the World Championship. And, that was one of the factors why Italy had notably failed to finish in the Top 4. The result was really disappointing and it prompted Italian volleyball fans to call for a change.

Fast forward to 2019, Ivan has now recovered but we have enough reasons to wait and see if he still has the same explosive touch he is popular for. Maybe a new hairstyle is the other thing Ivan will be capable of surprising us with. This one right here is one of the top Volleyball Players 2019.

8. Mateusz Mika

Mika had indeed played a very important role last year at the 2014 World Championship. There, with his formidable skills, he had helped Poland to win the World Championship crown in front of the home crowd.

With Winiarski’s retirement and Kurek’s return, Coach Antiga had heavily relied on Mika’s consistent volleyball skills and he never faltered to deliver. Undoubtedly, he is one of the most talented Volleyball Players 2019.

9. Gilberto Godoy Filho

Giba has incredible brand recognition associated with his name. Born in 1976, he won an Italian Cup in 2006 and won the award for the most valuable player. He may be a little shorter in stature as compared to his Volleyball peers, but he makes up for it with charisma and skills.

However, his most noteworthy moments have all happened with him playing for the Brazilian Volleyball Team, with whom he has gone on to win an Olympic Gold medal, three world championships, eight South American Championships, and countless other accolades.

10. Pavel Krugov

The MVP of the CEV Cup is on his way to become the newest scoring machine for Russia. Kruglov is known to compete for the starting position against Pavlov and Mikhaylov.

The 33-year-old is in great shape and had an absolutely fabulous season in the Russian League with club team Dinamo Moscow. He is definitely one of the most skillful Volleyball Players 2019.

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