Nigerian Student Association (NSA) Election 2019 Rigged By Officials

Yesterday April 6, 2019 Nigerian Student Association (NSA) Election, which was a thing of joy for all students in Porto Novo, Benin Republic.

NSA Elections are Never Conducted by the Out-Going President but Official In charge of NSA Election. But when Pulzenaija Team Got to the Polling Unit No other NSA Bodies were around for Conduction of Election it was only the Out-going NSA President that was in-charge of conducting Election, which is wrong and bad.

Imagine where Buhari is conducting Election and Declaring a winner by himself, are we not practicing Democracy again?

Even all NSA aspirant where not accredited nor allowed to Vote.

All voting and collations of result were done inside which is very wrong, all elections Pulzenaija team have ever seen have never been done behind closed doors unless plans for rigging was already setup, and NSA was supposed to be more than one person, how will NSA bodies be only the out-going President. So, during time for counting of votes, voters who came out to vote saw voting inks on one of the Electoral members which really shows the election was rigged.

One of the electoral members that was representing ESM University was sent to go out to buy bottle water, why him if I may ask?

That is to say plans to rig the election was properly plotted out, but God must always have His way, those who did the fake thumb printing forgot to clean their hands after conducting such evil act, as usual he Denied doing such act, With the evidence that was tendered by lecturers that were Around, really shows that the election was rigged, which at a later end Comrade NWAMADI KINGS of ESM University was declared winner of the NSA Election

Congratulation to Our New NSA President GOD OVER EVERYTHING.

[NSA Voting] Incoming NSA President Talking About NSA Out-Going NSA President Threats To Students

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