Top 5 worst Nigerian musician in a good record label

Hello guys, today we are going to talk about top 5 worst Nigerian musician in a good record label, but still disappointed.

Top 5 worst Nigerian musician

These are the musician that got signed into major record label but didn’t deliver as their fans expected them to deliver.

Note: we don’t know the main reason the disappointed, but we are justing saying wasting such opportunity other talented upcoming artists are looking for is bad.

1. Viktoh (YBNL)

Viktoh (YBNL)

Viktoh‘s case is similar to Skales. Signed first before Lil Kesh, but how did Lil Kesh manage to “blow” before Viktoh? Has Viktoh ever dropped a hit song?

While Skales has even managed to establish himself after his EME experience, Viktoh‘s career is as good as dead. We don’t even know if it is Rap or RnB that is Viktoh’s genre.

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Has Viktoh sang up to 10 tracks in his entire career. His last known “almost hot song” dates back to 2016 and he’s not even on the music radar any longer.

2. Sugarboy (G-Worldwide)

Sugarboy (G-Worldwide)

The curse of been signed first comes into play once again. Signed before Kiss DanielSugarboy actually is a good singer with immense talent.

Anyone who listened to Hola Hola would attest to this. His verse on Raba also stood out. But after that, it seems his charm on us expired.

He dropped an album last year, barely few people even knew Sugarboy dropped an album. No hit song, and compared to Kiss Daniel‘s “New Era“, we don’t even know the title of Sugarboy‘s album not to talk of the songs on the album.

Surely, Emperor Jeezy has to consider pulling the plug on Sugarboy

3. Skibii (Five Star Music)

Skibii (Five Star Music)

Probably the only thing we know about Skiibi was his death and resurrection. He wasn’t buried. Just because Five Star Music wanted him to “blow“, they had to pull off a great PR stunt that will shake grounds.

Even after that event, Skiibi career experienced a downward trend. His music wasn’t appealing, and the whole blame was put on his PR stunt done for him at the beginning of his career.

How not to start a music career” eventually, he was booted out of Five Star Music. Skiibii should invest in Clothing line, he won’t regret it

4. Ichaba (DMW)

Ichaba (DMW)

Ichaba wouldn’t have been on this list if he had learned well and studied Davido well. No one probably knew Icahaba until he joined DMW.

His career received a boost when he became affiliated to Davido. What we expected was hits on hits. The problem many had with Ichaba was that his voice wasn’t even coherent and appealing.

He didn’t tailor his music after the latest trends of the industries. While the industry was vibing to Pon PonIchaba was giving us another thing. His music received less attention and low traction as well.

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The DMW management noticed this and decided to evict him out of the label. Unfruitful movement is a no-no in the DMW crew.

5. D’Prince (Mavin Records)

D'Prince (Mavin Records)

D’Prince we don’t even know if Don Jazzy use is head to blow or something despite trying to make a name in the music industry, and his brother owning the mavin records he is signed under he still failed with flying colors shame on him.


I hope you enjoyed the top 5 Nigerian Musician that had the platform, but still disappointed Happy New Year once more from Pulzenaija Keep Visiting us.

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