5 Underrated Nigerian Artist That Proved People Wrong In 2018

Underrated Nigerian Artist

Here we bring you guys list of 5 Underrated Nigerian Artist That Proved People Wrong In 2018, yes that the topic for today, I know most of you would be wondering if there any need for a topic like this but I say yes there’s sit back and enjoy the content why I tell you the reason for my topic.

The main purpose of this list is to motivate those that keep doing whatever they believe even if people fail to realize it now, so far it what you love doing when it’s your time to shine nobody on earth can dim your light.

Below is the list of Nigerian artist after many hard works have been able to steal the heart of many Nigerian through their work, main reason I said work is because I don’t think if these guys had a mindset of selling pant and buying Benz I don’t think the won’t actually be here, Apart from Victor Ad if you no buy the Benz wetin you gain.

1. Burna Boy

Please, guys, permit me to say that 2018 was actually Burna Boys year and it would be very bad if he doesn’t bag a lot of awards through the hard work he put in 2018, as I was going through some Instagram post I came across some funny post people posting like I never knew Burna boy could sing like this, many people were actually doing as if Burna boy was actually an upcoming artiste who had the luck to get three trending songs in a year, I must say as a through fan of Burna Boy he has been making good music, it just that we were so blinded by the Shaku shaku sound we got up and down from artist, so to me Burna Boy did really prove people wrong for 2018 we hope he still has a lot to offer for the year 2019.

Burna Boy Top 3 2018

  1. Ye
  2. Gbona
  3. On A Low

2. Duncan Mighty

Another wonderful artist on our list is no other person than our Port Harcourt first son Duncan Mighty, after hit single with star boy early 2018, I would say blessing from every angle came for out Port Harcourt first son but were many comment circulating, that Starboy Wizkid Brought Duncan mighty dead career back to life, I would say most of the people saying this was likely not is fans if the were the would know that Duncan Mighty is another legend in the music industry, but I thank God the king of Naija music said it all, Starboy Wizkid said he was actually the one who begs for a feature which still left most haters mouth open, we hope 2019 would be a great year for him.

3. Teni Entertainer

Please if not for Simi, I would have gladly said she is my favourite female artist in Nigeria for the year 2018, but let continue with our main course of the day which is 5 Underrated Nigerian Artist That Proved People Wrong In 2018, so I think we all agree Teni Entertainer really made our year in the Nigeria music industry for 2018 and for me she deserves a lot of awards for the hard work, she dishes out many tunes for us even to her three recent hit singles, Pray which she featured Phyno, Christmas Is Here and Uyo Meyo which she released on her birthday, these are few artists Nigerian failed to know their potential until the prove them wrong.

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4. Victor AD

Pray For Grace Big man let us know that hard work pays, yes it really does, if hard work no pay wetin he gain in his voice, as of 2017 I would bet with you most Nigerian never knew the name Victor Ad, but now Victor Ad is now a house whole, after is hit single Wetin We Gain which was a communication with God about his life in 2018 and I would say God really did answer, although most people are trying to bring name to the song for promoting ritual in Nigerian due to the fact everybody wants to buy Benz.

5. Zlatan Ibile

Last but not the list on the list is our very own father of legwork if I’m not mistaking, really made a name for himself in the Nigerian music industry, he brought out a new dance step which he said in Burna Boy Featured Song with Killin Dem that he brought out Legwork fadeout Shaku Shaku which he really did.


We have come to the end of 5 Underrated Nigerian Artist That Proved People Wrong In 2018, this list is to motivate upcoming ones, to continue building their craft no shortcut to success apart from selling pant which bad, Pulzenaija Don’t advice that, work hard and stay woke, don’t forget to drop your comments below Thank you.

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