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Pulzenaija.com.ng (Former Wiki9ja) is a Nigerian Music and Entertainment portal with the purpose of providing useful music, videos, news and valuable entertaining information about your favorite celebrities, we get you connected, Our Main Niche is Music, Video, Gossip, News and Tech.

ABOUT: Akanimoh Ikpe A.k.a Certified Ak

Akanimoh Ikpe A.k.a Certified Ak
Akanimoh Ikpe A.k.a Certified Ak

i’m a passionate web-developer/blogger living in Porto Novo, Benin Republic. I love to share information happenings from various sources around the world . I and my TEAM created Pulzenaija.com.ng to serve as a platform of sharing quality, credible and dependable information regarding various happenings around the world.

We will try our best to cover all that we can in the above mention niches and I hope you guys will also support us on the journey, because we can’t do it alone we need you guys, to always read, share and comment we know we are not paying like other trending forum but will try our best to make you guys enjoy us, by doing free giveaway to our active fans, keep on reading, keep winning, we are Pulzenaija.com.ng.